Unlock Your December Fitness Motivation with a Surprising Strategy!

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Unlock Your December Fitness Motivation with a Surprising Strategy!

Navigating through December can be a real challenge when it comes to maintaining your exercise routine. Between social commitments, festive planning, tempting indulgences at every turn, end-of-year work pressures, and family events, sticking to your fitness goals can seem like an uphill battle.

But fear not! Here’s a clever hack to keep your motivation soaring high throughout December.

Motivated women lifting weightsBoost your expectancy of success!

As seasoned fitness coaches, our goal is to position you for success, not failure. By fostering a belief in your ability to achieve your fitness goals, we enhance your self-efficacy and, in turn, supercharge your motivation.

How do we do this?

It’s all about redefining success in a more flexible way.

For instance, instead of fixating on the idea that success means hitting the gym three times a week, we adapt the goal during this demanding month. The new objective: commit to at least one session per week to maintain your fitness and ideally aim for two sessions per week to maximize your fitness gains.

Setting a goal range of 1-2 sessions per week makes success feel much more within reach.

And here’s the surprising twist – you’ll likely find yourself not just meeting but surpassing this goal.

Completing two sessions when your target is 1-2 can make you feel like a winner, sustaining the momentum and even leading to that extra, unexpected third session.

Remember, one session per week is far better than none, and it positions busy women on the right track as we head into January.

The flexibility of 1x session to sustain, and 2x sessions to see gains, ensures that your fitness journey is always switched on, just with the option to dial it up or down as needed.

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