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Where real women come to get real results

Expert coaches committed to you, your goals and your lifestyle, come and get the results you want starting with our 30 day trial!

Everybody can feel physically and mentally fitter, stronger and healthier no matter what shape, size, fitness level or ability. You just need the right support and environment and we have this bit all covered for you! The ChickBox is a completely new fresh and friendly approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

We do things differently…

Become a chick in just one click

Our 30 day trial is the perfect way for you to work with our coaches, to experience a female focused approach to fitness, strength and skill. To meet a bright community of women, become a chick with one click.

If you would like to know more about the Chick ethos, please say hello.

Send us a message with your questions and we will drop you line with our answers.