Our Philosophy


At ChickBox, we believe women are worth more than chasing a number on a scale.

Fitness fads, gimmicks, ‘bikini bodies’ and diet supplements are left at the door, to make way for a safe, supportive space where real women can enjoy fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle in a way that is empowering, positive and sustainable.

We pride ourselves on being more than a gym, with our framework of services focused on bespoke fitness programmes, small group personal training and nutrition coaching.

From pelvic health and body image to the menopause, pregnancy and dysfunctional eating, it’s our goal to support women at whatever life stage and situation.

Truthful and compassionate support is delivered by our passionate all-female coaching team, who are driven by seeing real women achieve real results and re-connect with the power of who they really are.

Training alone can easily become just another chore. Move with us and become part of an uplifting community of like-minded ‘Chicks’.

We’ll help you to discover a new strength that radiates into every part of your life and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Wellbeing Partners

It’s important to us that we offer our Chicks a well-rounded service. Your fitness and strength is just one aspect we focus on.

Rachel-Anne Hobbs

Rachel Anne Hobbs

Nutritionist RD PgDip

Rachel is a clinically trained dietitian, certified therapist and Psychotherapeutic Counselling in-training and our official nutrition partner. Rachel offers our members expert advice in the areas of dysfunctional eating, compassionate weight management, dietetic interventions for health as well as high performance nutritional support.

Nicola Jane Hobbs

Yoga & Mindfulness Coach

Nicola Jane Hobbs is a bestselling author, psychospiritual counsellor, Ayurvedic nutritionist and lifestyle consultant, and international yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher. Nicola works with us to produce holistic classes delivered through our exclusive online members portal – the perfect complement to our uniquely tailored fitness programmes.