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Body Composition Analyser

The only independent gym in Eastbourne with ACCUNIQ body composition technology.

Every new ChickBox member will receive a fitness test using the state-of the art body composition technology from ACCUNIQ.

Discover what you are made of…

Forget the scales and inaccurate testing and step onto our cutting edge ACCUNIQ body composition analyser.  This clever piece of kit provides a detailed and super accurate breakdown of your body fat ratio, muscle mass, strength, protein, water and mineral compositions and more…

With results you can trust, understanding your body better, inside and out, will help to create smart fitness and lifestyle goals – all trackable and achievable!

What does it test?

  • Segmental Lean Mass
  • Body Fat to Weight Ratio
  • Muscle Fat Analysis
  • Protein, Water and Mineral Composition

Keep tracking

It isn’t a one-time test; it works in conjunction with your fitness journey. The motivation comes when tracking and monitoring the changes to your body, as your fitness and general health improves.

Ready to discover what you are made of?

£20 per session including full analysis

Book your fitness test

Fill out the form below to book your body composition analysis using our Accuniq machine here at The Chickbox. When you have submitted the form we will send you a calendar link within 24 hours to book in your session.

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