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Your safety and enjoyment is what matters

Your wellbeing and enjoyment has always been our top priority. We are very fortunate that by the very nature of our small group PT training environment, that we are easily equipped to control the cleanliness of our studio, alongside providing you with the space to train safely.

While the legal limits on social contact and distancing are being removed, there are still some legal requirements and official guidance in place, along with precautions that we would like to adhere to in order to minimise transmission of the virus.


Symptoms and Self Isolation:

– You should only come into the Chickbox if you are well.

– If you attend the Chickbox and fall ill with Covid, you must contact Steph or Jo asap.


– Air con is back in operation

– All available windows and doors will remain open to allow for a constant flow of fresh air.


– Hand sanitising stations remain and all cleaning and hygiene regimes established will continue

– End of session cleans will remain.

Social Distancing:

– The capacity limits for indoor facilities are no longer in place, but we would again like to maintain our sensible approach and allow space for those who wish to maintain some degree of social distancing within our Small Group PT sessions.

– Class numbers will still be monitored and managed with only pre booked spaces available; Small Group PT remains at 8 per session

– Classes (Core, CB, Sweat) will return to their normal operational limits – currently up to 14 per session.

– Equipment spacing no longer needs to be maintained and can be shared. Expressing a preference for non sharing of space/equipment will be respected.


– Bring your own water bottles. Refills can be given.

– If water is forgotten, gym cups can be used. Please leave them on left side of sink for coaches to wash and put away. Paper cups will be available if preferred.

– Hand Towels will remain removed. Please use the hand dryer/paper towels provided.

– Children are welcome but (as per children waiver) must stay within the Mini Chick Corner at all times.

Chickbox gym


– You should only come into the Chickbox if you are well and nobody in your household is self isolating.

– If you attend the Chickbox and fall ill you must contact Steph or Jo asap.

– In the event of someone testing positive for Covid-19 or becoming aware of having been in contact with it and therefore self isolating, the ChickBox will shut for a period of time, in order to administer a full deep clean and sanitisation.

– Everybody who was in contact with that member will be notified immediately over the phone, via text message and also email. (The member in question will be kept confidential).

Please note that should the Chickbox be forced to close for any reason, Outdoor training and Zoom class availability will increase and continue.  

We will regularly review changes to government guidance and make any necessary amendments should we need.

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